[clug] Spam on the list.

Mark Purcell mark at purcell.id.au
Sun Dec 27 02:01:36 UTC 2015


In this day and age how is it possible to 'rarely get spam'?

In my experience no matter what you will receive spam, especially if you
post to a public maillist. I am interested in what you do with spam once
received, rather than being able to not receive it.

Do you reject spame with an smtp error code? (aka
Do you use teergrubing-style slowdowns on suspected spam?
Do you filter after delivery using a spamassassin type approach and just
have it all sitting in a 'spam' folder?

In the end, I gave up trying to roll my own and now rely on google, who do
pretty well on filtering everything into a spam folder for me.


On Sat, Dec 26, 2015 at 8:09 PM, Keith <keith at keithsayers.id.au> wrote:

>      FWIW I rarely get spam and have not seen any that I could connect with
> this CLUG list.
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