[clug] tftp server

Brett Worth brett.worth at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 02:40:48 UTC 2015

On 28/08/15 22:15, Adrian wrote:

> {0} ok boot net:rarp - install
> Boot device: /pci at 7c0/pci at 0/network at 4:rarp  File and args: - install
> 100 Mbps full duplex  Link up
> Requesting Internet Address for 0:14:4f:95:44:a8
> Timed out waiting for TFTP reply
> Timed out waiting for TFTP reply

Is the Sun machine getting it's dhcp response from the same host as your tftp server?

Also I'd probably use dhcp instead of rarp on the sun.  The dhcp response can contain a 
next-server value to redirect the tftp to a different host.

I'd also check whether the /etc/hosts.all and /etc/hosts.deny are in play though these 
should be logged also.

Are you saying that the syslog is logging entries for the Sun's boot attempt?

Of course there's also "ufw status" to check an ubuntu firewall status.


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