[clug] Ubuntu on a legacy PC

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Sat Aug 15 09:21:40 UTC 2015

Further to your request, Scott:

> What is the output of:-
> lspci | grep VGA

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)

> A bird in the hand is not to be undervalued(?).

I want to get around to buying curtains.

> Install virtualbox, then try trusty with another flavour of desktop i.e.
> xubuntu.

OK, I have installed virtualbox.

> Do you have a compelling reason for needing a high-end video card?

Just that the next version of Ubuntu seems to want it!

> e.g. you like sitting on the cutting edge,

I used to. But post-mortgage (loan), I need to be more practical 
(cheaper) nowadays!

> you play a lot of recent games, etc.

Not at all: I am in that respect quite unlike an Aspie friend who lives 
inside computer games!

> With the other "big DE" (KDE) hardware accelerated graphics is only
> required if you want "bling".

I like fancy (custom) curtains--not PC.

> Running the latest software is good *if* you need the latest features,
> or the latest hardware support *if* that support has not been backported
> (or you suffer from a need to keep up with the neighbours benchmarks).

I don't bother keeping-up nowadays!

> Otherwise, one of the strengths of FOSS is that it can get much more
> life out of old hardware.

That is what I want.

> You likely only need to upgrade your video card if you want to use later
> GNOME. Suitable graphics cards for that are sometimes offered free to
> list subscribers.

I wasn't able to make other cards go (at that time, to drive an extra 


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