[clug] White Firefox window

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 07:59:46 UTC 2015

It 'sounds' like you have a problem with hardware acceleration -
probably caused by an add-on. Make sure they are all updated.

On 15/08/15 16:55, Bryan Kilgallin wrote:
> This problem followed an update a couple of weeks ago. The contents of
> this Web browser's windows have since been all-white. Its menu (such as
> Help) windows are likewise. Though the pointer changes shape when
> traversing where icons etc. would have been.

For future reference(?), try the following first before reinstalling:-

Try firefox in safe-mode:-
firefox -safemode&

Reset firefox:-
backup  ~/.mozilla/firefox/
go to: about:support
Click on the button in the top-right hand corner

*If* those actions don't help:-

What is the output of:-
for i in $(dpkg --get-selections | grep 'firefox\|xul-' | cut -f1);do
dpkg -l $i|tail -n1;done

apt-get -sf install

NOTE: run those commands as a general user

> I attempted to fix this by reinstalling. 

How? (exactly).
Did you purge when removing?

> Also running BleachBit to
> recover space did not made a difference.

Were you out of space?
df -h

Kind regards

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