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Sun Aug 2 06:44:50 UTC 2015

Thanks to all for the great ideas and suggestions! Whilst I've had
some promising discussions in the last week, I didn't intend to start
a meta-discussion about government contracting (incidentally, that
doesn't quite describe what was delayed).

For what it's worth, my own personal income is not at stake. So there
is no need for concern, but it's appreciated nonetheless!

Finally, it's easy to take unfavourable outcomes personally, or
imagine a more perfect world without them. But the reality is that
most businesses in all industry sectors face all sorts of risks - not
all can be accurately predicted or entirely mitigated; it's just a
fact of life. The best we can do is make our own luck be being
proactive and adapting to change. The worst we can do is nothing,
while hoping for the best - not an easy course of action for small



NB: Any views and opinions expressed here are mine alone and not that
of my employer.

On 2 August 2015 at 15:23,  <bryan at netspeed.com.au> wrote:
> To Tomasz:
>>> Government departments engaging contractors and then deferring
>>> projects--is
>>> a standard way of bankrupting contractors!
>> I do not think you have all the facts to make a statement like this.
> Sure I do; I've seen/read it all before in the news. I spent eleven years in
> government. "Contractor ABC is in receivership, following deferment of a
> mooted big project by Department XYZ."
>> Projects are defrredfor many reasons - budgest, dependacy on ther prjects
>> which
>> might be running late, politics, equipment deliveries, physical
>> contruction
>> works, etc
> We have a colour of federal government that is hell-bent on destroying such
> leftist manifestations as this city!
>> having said that, people are NOT robots and need to eat, pay bills, etc.
>> It is
>> only reasonable that this man is looking for something to fill his time
>> while
>> he waits for the big ticket item to start up again.
> Call a spade a spade, and sign on the dole.
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