[clug] TextSecure, GPLv3 encrypted chat for Android

Chris Smart clug at christophersmart.com
Mon Apr 20 06:45:29 MDT 2015

On 20/04/15 11:26, Jeff NotTelling wrote:
> Can you confirm where it says that SMS encryption has been removed?  I use
> this, and as far as I can see it still provides encrypted SMS "where
> possible"  -> as in where the other party uses the TextSecure as well,
> otherwise it obviously downgrades to clear text.
> I did follow the links, but couldn't see where they state this has been
> removed.  I could have easily missed it, so just checking.

Hey Jeff,

My links were out of order because I added a link at the top at the last
minute, sorry about that.

It was number [3] (that should have been [4]):

Some older clients might still have that function, although the latest
version certainly doesn't. I'm running version 2.11.1.


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