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Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 00:05:03 MDT 2015

On 13/04/15 11:12, Brenton Ross wrote:
> Scott,
> my reaction would be to use mplayer to set the start and end points of
> the edits into an "edl" list. See the mplayer docs for details.
> Then I would use ffmpeg to perform the deletes.

Thanks Brenton

> (In practice I use my PVR to do this step, so I have not actually tried
> the above.)
> What I am now looking for is something to mask the station identifier
> blobs that are scattered over the running movies.

Three methods I've found. The simplest one seems to be to use VirtualDub,

you could also attempt to do it manually with mplayer's delogo or remove
logo, but it's fiddly.

The most effective way is probably too much of an investment for most -
use a custom designed FPGA

Note that the person behind that is not too far away.

> Brenton
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>> Subject: [clug] RTL2832U, SDR, Avidemux and editing out advertising
>> 	from recorded television
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>> I recently purchased a cheap RTL2832U chipset TV stick for use as a SDR
>> and GPS.
>> Digital Energy Mini Digital TV Stick, BlazeVide HDTV Player (RTL2838
>> It took a little fiddling to get it fully working on Wheezy with
>> backports, but I did take notes if anyone needs help getting one working.
>> As a TV recorder it works well and I'm now looking at way to remove ads
>> from the recordings. I've used Avidemux in the past but it's now a
>> challenge to use on a stable box.
>> Any suggestions on how to do this?
>> I don't really want to dedicate a box to it, but would consider chroot
>> or VirtualBox solutions. I also have a Crossover Office license if WINE
>> is useful.
>> I've not had much experience with MythTV - and I'm not much of a TV
>> watcher anyway so I'm not particularly interested in setting one up (I'm
>> pretty happy with XBMC). But I've heard MythTV has the ability to remove
>> ads from recordings... anyone used that facility?
>> Any suggestions and experiences in removing ads from recorded TV are
>> appreciated (as long as they work on Linux).
>> Kind regards

Kind regards

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