[clug] [OT] Any one wanting a PolyMate Trailer?

Jeff NotTelling smee.heee at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 01:02:49 MDT 2015

Hi All,

Strange request I know.

I'm currently in Bundaberg, where they make the PolyMate Trailers*, and
have a need to drive a trailer back to Canberra, where I already have a
trailer.  Trying to fit luggage, Dogs and Kids into the one vehicle not
possible without a spill over to a trailer (or a Roof Boot thing, but I
think more likely someone would want a trailer)

So just thought, if someone was after one of these trailers, I could pick
it up and drive it to Canberra for them.

I am intending on driving back next week.  If anyone interested, please
contact me OFF list.

* PolyMate Trailers: http://www.polymate.com.au/
Approx price for a 7x4 is $2300 + Rego (Qld approx $80/year)
Never rust etc, as seen on the Ads.


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