[clug] wheezy-backports seems a bit busted

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 18:00:06 MDT 2015

On 10/04/15 08:57, David C wrote:
> Hello all,
> Has anyone else noticed that http://http.debian.org
> wheezy-backports/main isn't there any more?

Um, that's not the redirector I use:-

deb http://http.debian.*net*/debian wheezy-backports main

I'm not certain that repository redirector was ever there.

> After poking around the Debian website, they still recommend that people
> use that repo, and don't suggest anywhere to report that it is broken.

Are you sure that it's debian.*org* and not debian.*net* that's
recommended for the redirector??

> fyi: an alternate fix is to use http://ftp.debian.org wheezy-backports/main
> (or http://ftp.au.debian.org wheezy-backports/main).

Always quicker to hard code the repository as you suggest. Though I'd
recommend using the mirror provided by your ISP - it'll be faster, less
load on the official Debian mirrors, and usually doesn't affect your
download quota. iiNet, Optus, Telstra etc all have local mirrors.

> Thanks,
> David

See also:-

Kind regards

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