[clug] mc: was Text editor

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Wed Apr 8 06:09:41 MDT 2015

I respond to Scott's post.

> If you find the whole text/console thing a little disorientating you may find "mc"[*1] useful (clone of Norton Commander?).

Now I have installed that on my PC. It reminds me of Filer on my old 
HP200LX palmtop. "mc" seems to have powerful features. But how can I set 
it to not display hidden files?

> F4 will (usually) give you nano to edit the selected file.

I used a shell link to my phone. Wherein I had a test text file. Which I 
moved to my PC's desktop. At first I saw a list of available editors, 
agreeing to the default "nano". But how can I now change that choice to 
a different editor?

> "Ctrl+x" to abandon changes, "Alt+F2" to save changes.

Unfortunately I had previously set my PC's function keys.

> "Alt+F2" will bring up the mc menu options for the selected file - very useful to those that don't have an ingrained memory of hotkeys (and it has trivially editable functions).

As above, my function keys don't operate "mc" commands. Yes, clicking "2 
Menu" lists a staggering array of options!

> [*1] Midnight Commander. Lightweight dual pane file menu and system navigator (and much, much more).

I need to practise with this powerful retro tool, gain confidence at 
using it.


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