[clug] Arguments on list + Linux H/W Question

Neil Pickford neilp at goldweb.com.au
Tue Apr 7 05:01:35 MDT 2015

+1 Thanks Paul

As mostly a reader of the CLUG list.
Can we get back to succinctly and politely answering peoples questions 
about Linux.
Having a pissing contest and trolling each other is not in the spirit of 
the CLUG Group and I frankly am not interested in it.
Give it a rest and increase the S/N.

Neil VK1NP

Having added some Noise now for some Signal - Now for the Linux Hardware 

I am looking for a low cost, low power, low voltage (12V) processor 
board with:
a text based console - X11 not required
two independent real Ethernet ports 100baseT,
at least two real serial ports up to 115 kbaud (not usb)
512M RAM + some flash memory for storage (4-5G) that I could run 
Slackware on.

Been looking around for a while but haven't been able to find anything 
I am trying to replace 2 Linux PCs currently running 24x7 providing:
NAT Firewall with Masquerading,
Caching DNS
HTTP Web services,
Mail list services,

Currently the 2 PC's are consuming around 150W to do this stuff and I'd 
rather it be done at less than 20W.
This is quite possible aka Rasberry Pi but the Pi does not have enough 
real ports.
I have found $1k level machines aimed at process control or POS but I am 
really looking for something a lot cheaper.

Any ideas gratefully received?


On 7/04/2015 5:20 PM, Paul Wayper wrote:
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> Bryan, Steve,
> You two clearly rub eachother the wrong way.  I think you should both
> consider unsubscribing from the CLUG list until such time as you can put up
> with what the other writes.
> This is not your list.  It's not my list.  You don't get to decide what is
> appropriate to post and what isn't; nor do you get the right to insult other
> people here.  We're not your support group, nor are we your fan club.
> Try to make the list better, rather than cheapening it in your attempt to
> prove you're somehow better than the other.
> Regards,
> Paul
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