[clug] 2nd drive and auto mountiing

Hal Ashburner hal at ashburner.info
Tue Sep 30 00:43:12 MDT 2014

Hey Paul,

If you've got a permanent drive in the box, have an fstab entry for it
so it's mounted when you boot.

I have one mounted under /data
sudo mkdir /data
Find the uuid by doing
ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/

for me it's uuid pointing to sdb1.

Put a line specifying the uuid, the mount point (/data/) the
filesystem (for me ext4) and the options relevant for the filesystem.


UUID=837933c7-a245-41e0-8a74-76d0cfd93c69       /data   ext4
defaults        1 2

if you type mount, when it's mounted by nautilus when you browse it
you should be able to see the relevant mount options that do whatever
nautilus does there and just say "do that" when it boots.

On 30 September 2014 14:24, Paul Rands <lists at paulrands.com> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I have a PC running Linux Mint Mate 17 and have a small
> dilemma I have yet to solve via forums.
> I have both the Dropbox and
> Copy agents running on my PC, and they are pointing to folders on a 1TB
> drive installed on the machine, rather than the default boot drive
> (which is a small hybrid drive).
> The problem I get is these agents
> won't see their respective folders until I open up the file manager and
> start browsing the folders and files.
> I have been looking at forums
> and tried a few things including changing settings using the Disks GUI
> and also manually changing the config files in an editor to auto mount
> this drive but get nowhere. I have tried both naming the volume without
> and with spaces and haven't had any change either.
> Any ideas on what I
> should be doing to solve this? It's one of a small handful of issues
> that are preventing enjoyment of using Mint, and probably the most
> annoying.
> Thanks in advance, as always
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> Rands
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