[clug] 2nd drive and auto mountiing

Paul Rands lists at paulrands.com
Mon Sep 29 22:24:18 MDT 2014


Hi Guys, 

I have a PC running Linux Mint Mate 17 and have a small
dilemma I have yet to solve via forums. 

I have both the Dropbox and
Copy agents running on my PC, and they are pointing to folders on a 1TB
drive installed on the machine, rather than the default boot drive
(which is a small hybrid drive). 

The problem I get is these agents
won't see their respective folders until I open up the file manager and
start browsing the folders and files. 

I have been looking at forums
and tried a few things including changing settings using the Disks GUI
and also manually changing the config files in an editor to auto mount
this drive but get nowhere. I have tried both naming the volume without
and with spaces and haven't had any change either. 

Any ideas on what I
should be doing to solve this? It's one of a small handful of issues
that are preventing enjoyment of using Mint, and probably the most

Thanks in advance, as always 

lists at paulrands.com

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