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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Thu Sep 4 04:29:57 MDT 2014

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On 03/09/14 19:04, Paul Wilson wrote:
> ok so where do get the resources or training material thats required to
> do the exam, I did a quick google an looks like the Red Hat site mostly
> refers to in-house courses eg 4 days approx $4,000
> Paul

My personal recommendation for the Red Hat courses is that the best way to
train for them is to spend about three to five years as a sysadmin.

The material covered in the course is good, but the exams will test to the
limit your absolute recall of that information.  If you don't know how to
e.g. write a hosts file, or fix a problem in /etc/fstab, or which package to
install to get Apache, or any one of a dozen other things - and I'm not
picking things from the test (I can't really even remember what I did in the
RHCE now, and it's probably changed from when I did it in 2008) - you will
fail.  Reading the books and study guides is one thing, but actual hands-on
practical experience that means you just *know* is another.

I don't know, maybe I'm just a bad student.  I do find it difficult to
really remember from just book learning.  I did the RHCE exam twice; only
passed on the second.  I did the RH-333 course and failed miserably - I knew
the technology but hadn't the experience to actually do what they required.
 I did the RH-401 course and passed, but that was only because I'd been
using Satellite already in my work for three months.

What I emphasise here is that if you have an RHCE, it is a high standard -
it tests really practical, vital knowledge that means that you can fix
things when they break and configure things when you need them installed,
and do both quickly and surely.  It's probably only applicable when trying
to get into organisations that use Red Hat servers extensively, but that's
fairly common in Canberra (in my experience).

Hope this helps,

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