[clug] Text editor - nano nano

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Sun Oct 26 13:24:34 MDT 2014

Thanks for that, George:

> vi was too complex for me.

I have been wallowing in tutorial sections!

> It is very powerful in the hands of a pro
> with good memory for command sequences.

Whereas I find that I need to read around the subject (to get anything 

> gksu gedit for when I want to do serious cut/paste work.

What a good idea.

However, a more immediate concern is how to copy a file from one machine 
to another. My best effort so far has been using my desktop computer as 
a dumb terminal into my mobile phone! So I can edit a document on the 
phone. But I have no ready means of transferring that file for use on 
the desktop computer. Just copy and paste (contents) so far.


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