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Sat Oct 25 16:45:35 MDT 2014

    I use nano, while basic is simple and easy command line text

vi was too complex for me. It is very powerful in the hands of a pro
with good memory for command sequences.

gksu gedit for when I want to do serious cut/paste work.

At Sunday, 26-10-2014 on 08:12 Scott Ferguson wrote:

On 25/10/14 23:56, Andrew Janke wrote:
> At the risk of starting a war...
> I'm a fan of geany, along with vim.

In a gui - kate for multiple files, kwrite for single files. Insane
(zen-like) support, auto braces, HTML export, VIM input mode,
and indentation support for most language/scripting/source types,
support for editing remote file systems and syncing temp, etc.

Of course nano is far superior to vi, and emacs... [mmmhmmn, popcorn
comfy chair] :D

> a
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> Blunt thumbed on a touchscreen, expict mistooks
> On Oct 25, 2014 11:08 PM, "Bryan Kilgallin" 
>> I have been learning Vim via vimtutor. As recommended by Rute.
>> Why in the 21st century, use a text-based editor? This reminds me
of using
>> CP/M decades ago on a minicomputer. 


Do clickety, clickety, ribbon interface or no, WYSIWUG word processors
have any capability advantages over text-based text editors?
e.g. Libre Office Writer, M$ Word.

I can't think of anything they can do that vim cannot - whereas
vim/vi/emac can do much that "they" cannot. This being the result of
design for purpose.

>> Is it an exercise in industrial
>> archaeology, like learning to make cast-iron railway lines?

A tortured analogy? :)
AFAIK cast-iron railway lines haven't been improved on....

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