[clug] GlusterFS to replication

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Sat Oct 18 02:09:04 MDT 2014


I have been reading about  "High-Availability Storage With GlusterFS
3.2.x On Debian Wheezy - Automatic File Replication (Mirror) Across
Two Storage Servers", and wonder if anyone is using GlusterFS, or has
had recent experience with it and would like to comment?

Naturally I am thinking of applying GlusterFS in a two server KVM &
Virt-Manager environment.

I have yet to read far enough to determine if GlusterFS supports Srv1 
Srv2 or only Srv1 => Srv2 syncing, that is can it be used for DFS ? 
I am guessing there is no file locking?


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