[clug] Fwd: Delivery failure to <crash at michaelcarden.net> ...

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 00:27:46 MST 2014

On 28 November 2014 at 22:13, Bryan Kilgallin <bryan at netspeed.com.au> wrote:
> Michael:
> Please update your reply-to setting, from "crash at michaelcarden.net" to
> "mxxxxxx at xxxm", so that readers of your e-mails can communicate
> with you!
Dear Bryan,
                    your desire to learn Linux, and how to use mailing
lists, is commendable. In light of which I offer the following hard
learned wisdom:-
;replies to list posts should go to the list - unless the poster asks
to be CCed (i.e. they are not subscribers)
;*unless* a poster invites direct emails there is always the risk they
don't welcome them (see above, and below for expansion)
;some (of us?) employ a variety of mechanisms to prevent or frustrate
our posts to public forums being harvested by spam bots - so do not
expect emails to the email address published on list to act in a
predictable manner.

[*1] you probably already know this, so *please* don't be offended,
many of us post to public lists with the expectation that the
information 'may' be useful to current and future readers - not just
the person being addressed.

Kind regards

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