[clug] November Canberra Linux Users Group meeting

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Mon Nov 24 22:05:43 MST 2014


> I know I very much a behind a keyboard and screen kind
> of guy, and a bit socially inept, so I tend to keep away from things
> like these unless I know someone there, which is probably why I've kept
> away for so long.

My psychologist told me to join groups of like minded people!

> Monthly gatherings
> don't always have to have a theme, it could be used an excuse to just
> get together and share ideas of what we are doing or want to do with our
> systems.

I have discovered the hard way that "no speaker" meant that the meeting 
was cancelled. :-(

> CLUG could perhaps do more event for n00bs, either online or
> in person, the game event CLUG recently had was a great idea, I just
> wish I didn't have to miss that one.

I have felt rejected on grounds of of lack of technical expertise.

> Get CLUG on Facebook, make the
> group easier to find, and hopefully increasing people interested in
> being active within the group.

Because of security phobia, I don't join social networking sites.


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