[clug] November Canberra Linux Users Group meeting

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Mon Nov 24 18:36:29 MST 2014


On 2014-11-25 09:00, Paul Wayper wrote: 

> Canberra Linux Users
Group Meeting - 27th November 2014
> Come along
to discuss the future of CLUG meetings, the
> CLUG website, and other

I will try and come to this one. I really don't want to see
CLUG disbanded. I know I very much a behind a keyboard and screen kind
of guy, and a bit socially inept, so I tend to keep away from things
like these unless I know someone there, which is probably why I've kept
away for so long. 

There's many things that can be done for CLUG to
keep it going I suppose, and to keep things social. 

Monthly gatherings
don't always have to have a theme, it could be used an excuse to just
get together and share ideas of what we are doing or want to do with our

CLUG could perhaps do more event for n00bs, either online or
in person, the game event CLUG recently had was a great idea, I just
wish I didn't have to miss that one. 

Get CLUG on Facebook, make the
group easier to find, and hopefully increasing people interested in
being active within the group. 

On the ACT Stormchasers Group on
Facebook, I came across one guy who loves using Linux, but can't switch
fully because of ties to Adobe for work. However, has his media centre
running it as well as a couple of other devices. He feels locked without
options to make the switch fully, which is also how I once was as well,
perhaps these kinds of people would be beneficial to CLUG, in bringing
others with fresh ideas and thinking. There's also a couple members of
the same group who also use Linux. 

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