[clug] CPU speed in MHz

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Mon Nov 17 16:56:06 MST 2014

Yes thanks Eyal:

> There is no reliable way to extract the CPU MHz from the numbers here.

The phone seems to have very limited utility info.

> However, it
> is possible that this CPU has a known fixed speed (set by either the 
> manufacturer
> or the board design). Check the relevant doco.
> For example, this doco (is this your phone?)
>     http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Neo_FreeRunner_Hardware
> says "400/500 MHz", so I will assume the "BogoMIPS: 199.47" suggests 
> 400MHz.

Yes, that's my phone. And I had read elsewhere that its model of CPU ran 
at 400 MHz.
According to the BogoMIPS readouts, my PC is 28 times as fast as the phone!


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