[clug] Desktop commandline & remote embedded device

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Sat Nov 15 03:43:03 MST 2014

Thanks Steve:

> sshfs?

I installed sshfs. Though I have been confused about how to use it for 
the purpose of using lscpu to interrogate the phone.

I could use explanations of these terms, including syntax for specifying 
     * filesystem;
     * FUSE;
     * host; and
     * mountpoint.
The sshfs command wanted a mountpoint on the desktop computer. And it 
wanted that to be empty. When I chose the empty ~/Downloads directory, I 
got a login prompt for the phone. But then I couldn't do anything else.

I had two terminal windows open:
     * SSH into the phone; and
     * desktop computer.

Was I supposed to use a pipe with sshfs and lscpu?


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