[clug] Desktop commandline & remote embedded device

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Sat Nov 15 00:27:04 MST 2014

My Openmoko phone has restricted busybox Linux software. Whereas my 
desktop PC has a much larger suite of commandline programs.
I wanted to use the Desktop PC's commandline programs to interrogate the 
phone. But I didn't know how to tell the former to look at the latter, 
which ws connected via SSH.

Specifically I tried using lscpu. The error message told me that it was 
looking for /proc/cpuinfo. So I used the phone to vi that file.

The commandline connection method is as follows.
ssh root at

How can I instruct my PC's commandline programs (lscpu in the above 
example) to query the phone instead of the PC?


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