[clug] X question

Eyal Lebedinsky eyal at eyal.emu.id.au
Sat Nov 8 18:11:49 MST 2014

I have an Intel mobo (BOXDH77KC) and as such I use the on-chip video. I usually use the DVI-D output
which is limited to 1920x1080.

The mobo also offers a DP socket for higher resolutions (which my display will take) so I attached
a (passive, short) DP->DVI-D cable to see what shows up. I did not expect hi-res from this cable.

Interestingly, X shows it as HDMI2, not DP. In fact, the log shows many outputs (3xHDMI, 3xDP):
	(II) intel(0): Output VGA1 disconnected
	(II) intel(0): Output HDMI1 disconnected
	(II) intel(0): Output DP1 disconnected
	(II) intel(0): Output HDMI2 connected
	(II) intel(0): Output HDMI3 disconnected
	(II) intel(0): Output DP2 disconnected
	(II) intel(0): Output DP3 disconnected

Are these some kind of virtual connections that X shows? Or does the hardware actually expose so many?
The only EDID listed is for HDMI2 when the monitor is attached to the DP output (using the cable).

As an aside: when I plugged the cable (alone, so nothing plugged into this cable yet) to the DP port,
when the machine was running off the DVI-D port, the machine died (instant reboot). I did not expect
this, especially with a passive adapter that is connected to nothing.


Eyal Lebedinsky (eyal at eyal.emu.id.au)

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