[clug] X

Bryan Kilgallin bryan at netspeed.com.au
Sat Nov 8 07:35:36 MST 2014


> First thing to do is look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see if X is 
> complaining about stuff.

In case the previous edition mentioned problems associated with 
installed cards, I also looked at Xorg.0.log.old. That mentioned a 
different warning that for the sake of completeness I list here.

[  1729.092] (WW) Open ACPI failed (/var/run/acpid.socket) (Connection 

> Does it even mention the other cards?

In that old log, searching for "Video", I also found as follows.

[    35.243]     ABI class: X.Org Video Driver, version 11.0
[    35.243] drmOpenDevice: node name is /dev/dri/card0
[    35.243] drmOpenDevice: open result is 9, (OK)
[    35.244] drmOpenByBusid: Searching for BusID pci:0000:00:02.0
[    35.244] drmOpenDevice: node name is /dev/dri/card0
[    35.244] drmOpenDevice: open result is 9, (OK)


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