[clug] Video card

Eyal Lebedinsky eyal at eyal.emu.id.au
Thu Nov 6 06:04:53 MST 2014

On 06/11/14 23:42, Bryan Kilgallin wrote:
> Hi George:
>> Who needs a video card with dual ports for dual monitors ?
> Me!
>> What bus type?
> I opened up the PC and cleaned it.
>>    PCIe or AGP ?
> Extension slots available are:
>      * 1 AGP; and
>      * 4 PCI.
>> I am about to throw out a few such old cards, but they would not be
>> suitable for gaming, way too slow, but would be suitable for dual
>> monitors working with text and web pages, etc.
> The only game I play on the PC is a Web site chess game.
> Because the installed video is inadequate, the Ubuntu updater said that my PC was unsuitable for upgrading to the latest version.
> I had thought it would be nice to try out a file manager with a 3D interface.
>> I also have several sata Hard Disk drives, 80 GB to 120 GB  in
>> capacity, that need to be disposed of.
> That's a lot more than I currently have!

This sounds really scary... then again, if you do not keep any media then you do not
need much storage.

But if you do need more storage then I have a few old pata/sata disks of the 3.5"
120/250/320/400GB kind that were retired a while ago.

>> Anyone using them should run
>> a disk exerciser over them first to ensure they are worthy of your
>> data, as they are not young and I do not know how reliable the data
>> retention is.
> Please advise what this is.
>> There maybe a few older computers too, but not sure about that yet.
> I have been experimenting with SSH into a 400 MHz phone!

Eyal Lebedinsky (eyal at eyal.emu.id.au)

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