[clug] Video card

George at Clug Clug at goproject.info
Wed Nov 5 14:41:37 MST 2014


Who needs a video card with dual ports for dual monitors ?

What bus type?  PCIe or AGP ?

I am about to throw out a few such old cards, but they would not be
suitable for gaming, way too slow, but would be suitable for dual
monitors working with text and web pages, etc.  

I also have several sata Hard Disk drives, 80 GB to 120 GB  in
capacity, that need to be disposed of.  Anyone using them should run
a disk exerciser over them first to ensure they are worthy of your
data, as they are not young and I do not know how reliable the data
retention is.

There maybe a few older computers too, but not sure about that yet.


 Scott mentioned a possible donation. Which would help as I am a 
cash-strapped pensioner!

{You /could/ add a USB video device - but ideally you'd add another 
video card or replace your existing one with a video card that
multiple outputs. They are fairly cheap and you'll often see people 
offering them for free on this list. I don't have any multiple outputs

cards lying around - but I do have many older AGP single output cards 
which I give away.}


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