[clug] Openmoko root subdirectory

Brenton Ross rossb at fwi.net.au
Sun Nov 2 22:34:29 MST 2014

> I had printed my phone's root binary directory contents list. And in a 
> desktop computer terminal window, I looked up /info/ and /man/ entries 
> for those executables.
> However, my Ubuntu distro could not explain the following commands.
     * ash - a lightweight shell -

     * dumpkmap - Prints out a binary keyboard translation table to
standard output. Its a busybox command.

     * dund - Bluetooth dial-up networking daemon

     * hidd - Bluetooth H.I.D. Server

     * kill.procps
     * lsmod.26
     * mount.util-linux

     * pand - BlueZ Bluetooth PAN daemon

     * passkey-agent - a bluetooth program for pairing devices

     * pidof.sysvinit
     * ps.procps

     * tinylogin - busybox login utilities

     * umount.util-linux
I suspect that the remainder (the ones with a . in the name) are scripts
located on the device.


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