[clug] Eee PC madness

Peter VK1PE vk1pe.peter at gmail.com
Mon May 26 04:14:51 MDT 2014

As usual, great advice and support (emotional and practical). Thank you!

I discovered that I had used Ultimate Boot (with a downloaded 14.04 
.iso) that puts a first-step before Ubuntu.
So, the Eee lappy had a funk rather than installing Ubuntu correctly.
Tonight, I used the other lappy and the built-in USC creator on the same 
USB stick.
Bingo. No problem!

Esc to get the boot options up;
Allow the USB to boot;
Select the Install button;


Then, 112MB of downloads since the ISO was created. :-)

Thanks, Mike and others.


PS: Now to use gparted on the USB to create a small partition for my files.

On 26/05/14 04:12, Peter VK1PE wrote:
> Mike,
> The Esc key got me in to use the USB stick. Thanks.
> There are other things going on, though, and I'm not getting to the 
> end of the installation process. :-( I'm still trying to work out why 
> that is; but, waking up in a chair in front of a non-working computer 
> is interesting only so many times.
> I'll get back with the follow-up when I work out more solutions, or 
> symptoms.
> Peter
> On 25/05/14 13:57, Mike Carden wrote:
>> A quick online search seems to suggest that hitting either Esc or F9 
>> during power up should bring up a temporary boot menu (no need to 
>> mess with BIOS settings) which should offer a USB device as an option.
>> It's been so long since I used an Eepc that I forget what I used to 
>> do. :)
>> -- 
>> MC

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