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steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun May 25 19:50:40 MDT 2014

On 25 May 2014, at 9:42 pm, Neil Pickford <neilp at goldweb.com.au> wrote:

> I had the same need last Xmas on a long trip to Tasmania.
> Got a Kingston MobileLite Wireless MLW221 and teamed it with a 2TB USB external and the kids had media access from their tablets as well as internet bridging.
> Most of the device is Lion battery which can power a tablet/phone ot other device as well, although I really haven't used it for this.
> Check it out. A mear $59 from Mwave
> I get the impression it is running Linux under the hood.
> Neil Pickford

In case anyone on list cares, it seems Kingston is being very generous by supplying the source code.
Tech Specs on device say nothing about CPU or RAM. It’s USB 2 and has 1800mAh of 4.5V Li-ion battery.

Openwrt says it’s a 580Mhz MIPS with 64MB of DRAM + 16MB (not GB) of Flash (BIOS?).
They show a hardware hack for serial + ethernet (hardline vs wireless).


Sourcecode download page. 250MB, not 180Mb as it says on the page. An overview below.
a RAR file packaged as a self-extracting ‘exe’.
expands to 1GB of source… linux-2.6.36,  samba 3.2, iproute2 + lots more. No SSH.
67 binaries for ‘ralink’ devices.


Product page


mini:MLW_SDK_4100 steve$ du -hs .

mini:src steve$ ls -lh MLW_SDK_4100*{exe,tar}
-rw-r--r--@ 1 steve  501   239M 11 Sep  2013 MLW_SDK_4100_v1-1-0-0.exe
-rw-r--r--  1 steve  501   240M 26 May 11:17 MLW_SDK_4100_v1.1.0.0.tar

mini:src steve$ find MLW_SDK_4100 -name '*.BIN' -o -name '*.bin'|wc -l

All binary blobs are in "vendors/Ralink/"
eg: MLW_SDK_4100/vendors/Ralink/RT6855A/RT5592_PCIe_2T2R_V1_7.bin

# directory overview
mini:src steve$ ls   MLW_SDK_4100/
CRC_tool	Makefile	config		config.in	lib		tools		user
History		autoconf.h	config.arch	do_CRC.sh	linux-2.6.36.x	uClibc++	vendors

# things you’d like to play with
mini:src steve$ ls   MLW_SDK_4100/{user,tools,vendors}
License		romfs-inst.sh

802.1x                          ecmh                            lmbench3                        psntp-0.1
802.1x_v2.5                     ethtool                         lsusb                           radvd-1.0
ControlUtilityServer            expat                           matrixssl                       read_fw
DMS_set                         gdbserver                       matrixssl-1.8.3                 rp-l2tp-0.4
Makefile                        gt_fwsetenv                     matrixtunnel                    rp-pppoe-3.8
Makefile_kill_after802.1x       gt_fwsetenv.c                   miniupnpc-1.3                   rt2880_app
accel-pptp                      gt_fwsetenv.h                   miniupnpd-1.1                   rt61apd
arptable-0.0.3                  gt_httpd                        miniupnpd-1.6                   rtmpinit
bigpond                         gt_log                          mkdosfs-2.11                    samba-3.0.2
bonnie++                        gt_utilities                    mkimage                         samba-3.0.2_GNE
bridge-utils                    hso-1.6                         mpstat-0.1.1                    samba-3.0.2_set
bt-utils                        httpd-2.2.9                     mtd-utils                       samba-3.0.37
busybox                         igmpproxy                       mtd_write                       sdparm-1.02
comgt-0.32                      inadyn                          nbench-byte-2.2.3               snmpd
cpu                             iperf-1.7.0                     netcat                          snort-
ctorrent-dnh3.2                 iperf-2.0.5                     ntfs-3g                         strace
curl                            iproute2-2.6.24-rc7             ntfsprogs                       stupid-ftpd
dbg_tool                        iproute2-2.6.38                 ntpclient                       tcpdump
ddns                            iptables                        nvram                           totd-1.5
dhcp6                           iptables-1.4.0rc1               openl2tp-1.6                    tuxera-file
dhcpforwarder                   iptables-1.4.10                 openssl-0.9.8e                  usb_modeswitch-0.9.5
dhrystone                       iptables_init.sh                p910nd-0.91                     uvc_stream
disktype-9                      iptables_removeall.sh           parprouted-0.7                  watchdog-5.6
dlna-GTK-DMS                    ipv6passthru_util               pciutils-3.0.0                  widrive_aloha
dnsmasq-2.22                    ixia_endpoint                   ppp-2.4.1                       wireless_tools
dnsmasq-2.40                    libiconv-1.11                   ppp-2.4.2                       wpa_supplicant-0.5.7
dropbear-0.52                   linux-igd                       pptp-client                     zebra-0.95a_ripd
easytest                        llcbench                        procps-3.2.8
ebtables-v2.0.9-2               lldt                            proftpd

License			Makefile		Ralink			config			vendors-common.mak

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