[clug] Eee PC madness

Peter VK1PE vk1pe.peter at gmail.com
Sat May 24 21:52:57 MDT 2014

Hi, all,

I have a hand-me-up* Asus Eee PC 900HA that has Windoze XP on it, 3 x 
USB ports, Ethernet.

[* The hand-me-up principle is where a child hands over something to a 

Once I have Ubuntu on it, I figure that I have an upgrade path for ever 
until it dies.

Now that I want to put my USB stick in and install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, I 
find that it seemingly has no option available for booting from USB 
sticks. The ROM's boot options are:

Removable Dev.
Network:Atheros Boot Agent

Currently, I have set four options:
Removable Dev.
Network:Atheros Boot Agent
HDD <<M$ XP>

- I think that this ought to be allowing me to use the USB stick to boot 
Ubuntu, but it does not happen.
- I think that I have set up Atheros options to look for the network, 
including the other Ubuntu 14.04 device on it, but nothing appears to 
happen. I know little about Atheros and the various Help pages seem to 
exclude my situation.
- My son seems to have lost the USB CD-ROM drive he formerly used with it.
- XP is toast, thanks to M$.

I'd appreciate ideas, please.

With thanks,

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