[clug] ubuntu 14.04 LTS discs

jhock at iinet.net.au jhock at iinet.net.au
Mon May 19 23:42:10 MDT 2014

Speaking of Ubuntu LTS, a friend of mine has already upgraded to 14.04 but my Upgrade Manager hasn't mentioned that there is a new LTS. When should I expect to be notified of the LTS upgrade? My ISP is iinet and I get the Ubuntu packages from that mirror (because I'm not charged for those downloads). I also only ask for LTS upgrades.

Thanks in advance for any


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peter baker <jellyware at gmail.com> wrote:

>hey guys
>I can't make it to the meeting on thursday but I do have some factory
>pressed ubuntu 14.04 LTS (latest version) discs to give away.  if someone
>would like to give a few out at the meeting I could deliver them tomorrow
>or thurs during the day
>0411 437137
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