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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Tue Jul 29 05:08:00 MDT 2014

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On 29/07/14 14:50, Jason Nielsen wrote:
> I am looking at replacing my work machine, I do not have a firm price 
> point yet. What linux friendly vendors are people going with?
> My current machine is a 2009 MacBook Pro (4GB RAM, Nvidia and spinning 
> rust) that was running Ubuntu but has fallen back on MacOS because I 
> loose external monitor support each time I do a Ubuntu upgrade and have
> been too busy to rediscover how to fix it. I am not that impressed by
> their build quality or design so I am fine to go with any vendor. (sharp
> edges, usb too close together, needs an adaptor to use an external
> monitor).
> I had a look at System76 but I am not sure about 
> support/warranty/shipping since they do not seem to have an AU presence
> at all.

I've been looking at ZaReason:


Particularly, I've been eyeing off their Verix 545:


As far as support and warranty goes, I believe they have an outlet in NZ,
but they usually arrange with local repair shops or suppliers.  Reports I've
heard of them are pretty good.

> Are dead pixels a solved problem? What else do I need to watch out for? I
> think Optimus support is the root of my current problems.
> I do not need a laptop for portability so would go with a desktop happily
> as long as it has good dual monitor support and is fairly quite.

They also have desktop machines...


Have fun,

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