[clug] A name for ICT Professionals in Schools

Jessica Smith jessica at itgrrl.com
Tue Jan 28 02:37:25 MST 2014

Hi Joel,

On Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 2:41 PM, <Joel.Cowey at csiro.au> wrote:

ICT Professionals in Schools is cumbersome and leads to the potentially
> inappropriate acronym (ICTPIS).  I am open to your suggestions for a name
> that gets across the idea that it is digital technology professionals
> volunteering their expertise to help in schools.  As it is part of CSIRO's
> "Scientists in Schools" program it should end with "... in Schools", be
> easy to remember and not too long to fit on letter head or my business card.
> All suggestions are gratefully accepted.

"Geeks in Schools."

Yes, there are many different kinds of geeks--computer geeks, science geeks,
musical theatre geeks, etc.--but when most lay-people hear 'geek' they think
'computer nerd'. And since people realised that "computer geek" =
"potentially super-rich person", it's been a much more positive label than
it perhaps used to be.



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