[clug] Slightly OT: Smartphone Suggestions

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 21:38:09 MDT 2014

On 25/08/14 13:08, Hal Ashburner wrote:
> Not what you want but while we're on the general subject of (linux)
> smartphones. I'm enjoying the Asus Fonepad which seems to be an actual
> telephone with the same hardware as the Nexus 7" tablet for very cheap
> money.
> Asus ME371MG-1B049A ME371MG 7" Atom Tablet Grey

Nice tip, looks interesting - thanks Hal

> Droid 4.1. Too much unremoveable utterly stupid sotftware on it that
> basically nobody would want (asus crap that's almost as bad as the
> permanent g+ garbage that google ship with it as "system software" so
> you can't send the bits to /dev/null where they so richly belong).
> Runs textsecure & anki well.


> Intel cpu, great battery life for a smart phone (something like 3 days
> for 50% according to its own readings). Micro sim. Micro sd, 4G
> onboard flash. Camera is no better than "average" no flash.
> Touchscreen no worse to use (but bigger still) than my previous
> samsung note, ie capacitance and pretty good responsiveness. Reading
> pdfs is completely doable and done be me every day.
> I like having a big phone, fits in my hip pocket and I doubt I look
> more stupid than normal talking on it, sounds no different to any
> other phone when it's next to your ear.

Calls don't drop out when receiving SMS??

> Paul clearly doesn't want anything of the sort which is also a
> reasonable point of view. YMMV.
> $170 from some discount house called the good guys was the clincher
> for me. Probably won't need replacing a whole lot sooner than an $800
> model...

$178 at present.

> Your search engine will take you there if interested and you can knock
> a little cash of the price in store if you're that way inclined.
> On 25 August 2014 12:53, Paul Rands <lists at paulrands.com> wrote:
>> On 2014-08-21 15:06, rodryan wrote:
>>> On 21/08/14 13:53, Paul
>> Rands wrote:

Kind regards

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