[clug] Story: Fijian Resort (now Ubuntu issues with Dell Optiplex 960)

Paul Rands lists at paulrands.com
Wed Aug 6 01:32:23 MDT 2014

Hi Scott,

Sorry for the delayed reply, I was sick yesterday and busy with other 
stuff the other days.

On 29/07/14 21:31, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> I've got a two more questions - I've marked them with *****
> On 29/07/14 18:39, Paul Rands wrote:
> NOTE that I've changed the subject line to aid people using search 
> engines.

I've just changed it, because of my typo of 950, when I meant 960.
> If you decide to go back to Android....
> GNOME 'should' be able to allow you to connect you Android phone to
> Ubuntu - they use a different mtp mechanism (gvfs-mtp). Older Androids
> are seen as simple USB Flash devices.
> I use gammu to access the phone components - it should work fine in
> GNOME without bringing to many new libraries for you.
> I had to create custom udev rules to access the programming interface
> (from the google code repo).
Thanks for the tip. I am planning to go back to Android, with a Nexus 5. 
I had planned to get it from Telstra under plan, but they've stopped 
selling it.

> Sorry, somehow I imagined you'd had network problems under WINE. 
> -----8<------------->8---------------------------- 
I was, but under OSX, so not really fit for this list.

> *****Please post the output of:- # for i in system-product-name 
> system-version baseboard-manufacturer baseboard-product-name 
> baseboard-version;do dmidecode -s $i;done NOTE: you'll need to be root 
> and you'll need dmidecode installed # apt-get install dmidecode 
Here we go:

OptiPlex 960

Not Specified

Dell Inc.



> -----8<------------->8----------------------------
>> I have installed the Intel driver, but can't seem to tell whether
>> it's working or not.
> *****Please attach /var/log/Xorg.0.log

> Initially I built a huge collection of various distros trying to find 
> one that "just worked" in all circumstances. I never succeeded. Then I 
> decided to pick one (Debian) and examine the bits that did work in 
> others and compare the differences to make the same thing work in Debian.
Thanks for the advice

>   I also learnt to carefully test any "fixes" that I didn't understand 
> - in a VM *before* applying it to my main workstation or servers. I
Good idea :)

> P.S. I noted you have DKIM setup - and correctly. Thanks for raising 
> the standards. :) 

Not sure that I had a lot to do with it, not even aware of what the DKIM 
was till this email. My host for some of my email is with Dreamhost.

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