[clug] Back in the Linux fold and also a file manager question

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sun Apr 20 01:57:58 MDT 2014

On 20/04/14 17:01, Paul Rands wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> I haven't been able to get any success adding any new plugins /
> extensions to the current version (3.10.1) of Nautilus shipping with
> Ubuntu (even the 'open as root' plugin for the version shipped with
> 13.10 doesn't install. 

How would that affect which icons are used for directories??

Or have I misunderstood what you want (to assign different colours to
different directories shown in Nautilus)?

My understanding is:-
;you need to install an icon theme that includes colours and "emblems"
that you want to assign to various directories (most themes do)
;you want to be able to right-click and assign those directories that
particular icon in Nautilus.

As I said - I don't run GNOME or Nautilus (or Ubuntu), I just believed
these things were possible.

According to Google:-

"Change a Folder Icon

When running a default file browser, you will see that the folder icons
are predetermined by the theme you set. If you wish to change a folder
icon to another for it to stand out from the system-wide icons, follow
these steps:

    In the file browser, right click a folder icon, select Properties.
    Under the Basic tab, click the icon image to open up the "Select
Custom Icon" window.
    In the Location field, type /usr/share/icons, press Enter. (You can
hide or unhide the Location field by clicking the Edit button on the
top-left of the window.)
    Browse and select an icon you want.
    Click the Open button on the bottom-right of the window to confirm.

Note: You can change your custom folder icon back to the default by
clicking the "Revert" button in the "Select Custom Icon" window at Step
2 above."

Have you tried that?

> After reading a few forums, it seems to be quite
> dumbed down to older versions, and I vaguely remember from my Ubuntu 8.x
> and 9.x days that it had more features. Ubuntu call it Files as well,
> which seems to suggest it's a customised version. When I look at my
> installed software, it tells me Nautilus is installed and when I type in
> Nautilus in the dock menu, it loads and shows Files.
> On 20/04/14 12:39, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> On 20/04/14 09:53, Paul Rands wrote:
>>> After becoming accustomed to using my Mac for a number of years, the
>>> only
>>> thing I am really missing is colour-coding files in the file manager.
>>> Nautilus doesn't support it, and I can't even put emblems on things
>>> anymore. I resorted to installing Marlin the other night, which does
>>> have
>>> it as a feature, however it's a little glitchy. Does anyone here have
>>> any
>>> suggestions for a GUI file manager that supports being able to colour
>>> code
>>> filenames and looks similar to Nautilus?
>>> Thanks in advance!
>> I believe GNOME and Nautilus also support Open Desktop formats - so
>> should be able to do that same things Dolphin/Konqueror do in KDE -
>> which is support custom icons for directories (and files). That includes
>> "custom colours"[*1].
>> Are you sure those functions are unsupported in GNOME? Have you fully
>> explored Nautilus themes?
>> Kind regards
>> [1*] http://ge.tt/9pqw0Gc1/v/0
> Paul Rands
> lists at paulrands.com <mailto:lists at paulrands.com>

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