[clug] How to Retrieving Android Backup from Google?

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Sat Apr 19 19:33:08 MDT 2014

Robert Cohen wrote:
> Well, for a start, I think you need to explain what you mean by 
> "backed up his android phone to gmail".
> I'm not aware of google provided mechanism for doing this.
> I googled, and the only hit I got was a paid app called "backup to 
> gmail" from cpedia mobile.
> If thats what your referring to, I suggest you contact cpedia support.

This is a standard feature of the shipped system image. I don't have 
their phone in front of me hence this answer is based on my phone which 
is slightly different. Under settings, there is a "Backup & Restore" 
sub-menu. The first option under this reads,

Back up my data
Back up app data, Wi-Fi passwords, and other settings to Google servers

Ticking this option enables the next setting,

Backup account

Went not already set this option will bring up a dialog box,

 Set backup account
 + Add account

Selecting "Add account" will bring up the "Add a Google Account" 
activity. As I said the foregoing is based on my phone where these have 
not been set. On my friend's phone these have been enabled for a while 
and the account being used is listed under the "Set backup account". 
This should mean that there are a number of backups of the phone's data 
on their servers. The reason I initially highlighted GMail was that the 
account used is a gmail.com account. Whether this means it's actually 
backed up as part of their GMail service or located else where I can not 


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