[clug] networking problem

Matthew Oliver matt at oliver.net.au
Mon Sep 2 05:56:10 MDT 2013

The switch could be getting flooded. Has a loop been introduced into your
network, specifically between the 2 switches (is it just an uplink or have
you plugged your managed switch in twice).

Maybe the unmanaged switch (and possibly the managed) isn't implementing
spanning tree protocol properly.

On 2 Sep 2013 12:38, "Adrian" <adrian.blake at ieee.org> wrote:

> I have an unmanaged switch with 34 of the 48 ports connected to PCs or
> printers in a classroom. There is an uplink  to a smaller managed switch.
> The PCs for, good or bad, use windows xp or 7, a mix. The switch after a
> few days of good operation then fails to pass traffic. The LEDs on each
> port flash indicating that there is traffic on the ports or attempting to
> send and receive traffic.
> Assuming that the switch is not at fault, what external to the switch
> conditions are likely to block the switch from passing traffic?
> If I re-power the switch it will work again for a few more days.
> If I listen with wireshark on a port what types of traffic should I look
> for that are likely to be problematic.
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