[clug] Elementary OS

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 06:18:08 MDT 2013

> I finally got around to running up Elementary OS in Virtual Box tonight.
> I was thoroughly impressed by the experience. Looks amazing and quite fast
> and familiar.
> I am very tempted to trade in Linux Mint for it, but want to give a bit
> more of a test.

Oh, do tell more. I'm still trying to pluck up courage to abandon
Ubuntu (for Mint) predominately due to Unity. I've tried for 2 whole
years to try to learn to like Unity and its appmenu but just can't get
used to having to head to the top left corner with 2x 27" monitors to
close a window or get to the menus.

And un-installing appmenu-* just seems like hackery.


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