[clug] Anyone keep their SSH keys on a USB flash drive or in an encrypted filesystem?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Oct 6 22:44:40 MDT 2013

I was wondering if anyone had experience in securely storing the
contents of ~/.ssh:

 - on a desktop/laptop machine
 - on servers you administer

For a desktop, farnarkling with a USB drive mounted onto ~/.ssh might
work, but creates a problem of clear-text keys getting stolen.

I was looking for a way to deny automatic SSH access if I wasn't at the

For servers, especially a central trusted cluster admin-host, I was
wondering if creating a small, encrypted filesystem was easy or useful
(has not to be readable by super-user when mounted).

I've never used user-mounted encrypted filesystems, so no idea of how
hard they might be...

steve jenkin

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