[clug] [OT/POLITICS] Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement petition

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Fri Nov 29 21:16:21 MST 2013

[By way of Bianca Gibson from Linux Australia...]

You may have heard that wikileaks released a leak of the IP chapter of
the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

This is an international trade agreement being negotiated in secret.
There are some very concerning proposals in the leak. Criminalisation
of copyright infringement, legal protections for DRM, ISP liability,
terminating internet access for copyright infringement, rules around
patentable subject matter and rigid restrictions around exceptions to

Once it's in trade agreements it's really hard to go back on, trade
agreements often require signing up to a list of old ones. They stack
on top of each other and stick around for a really long time.

Choice have a petition to release the full text which I would strongly
urge you to sign and pass on:


peace & happiness,

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