[clug] Suggestions pls for till software for a community club

Rhys Howitt rhysh at webone.com.au
Tue Nov 5 02:52:45 MST 2013

The Goulburn Club was founded in 1877 for the rural squirocracy, but with
the general shortage of gentlemen it has evolved into a not-for-profit
community pub.  Cool live music on Fridays.

We would like to have an OS cash register, maybe with a touch screen to
select the drinks.

1.  Can anyone recommend a suitable application?  Hardware?

2.  Are there any OS-oriented companies around Canberra/Goulburn who could
help us set it up and provide some support?  Will pay reasonable rates for
the work.

I was looking into Ubuntu + OpenERP (in python) which looks snazzy and would
have many other benefits, but that's well beyond my available free time.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Rhys Howitt
Goulburn Club

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