[clug] Password Managers for Ordinary Older Mortals: Recommendations?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sat Mar 16 19:21:42 MDT 2013

I've been learning about password-recovery tools and saw a note about
the inverse, password managers.

I'm looking for something:
 - cross-platform, including Linux, that syncs the DB.
 - that I can recommend to my older, retired friends
 - that might store on a tablet at some stage.

There are a few mentions of the Firefox broswer built-in password
manager. My retired friends are FF-on-Ubuntu users, if the DB synced and
worked on a tablet, it'd work for them.

The first I found is on iOS, OS/X, Win, Android, *not* linux:

"Secure Tool for Recalling Important Passwords"
[OLD] <http://www.zetetic.net/solutions/strip/>
[NEW] <http://getstrip.com/>

Debian stable provides 'gorilla'. It seems cross desktop and got a good
wrap in 2011.

Universal Passwd Mgr is Win, OS/X, LNX, Android. Got suggested in 2011.

Ditto for "MyPasswords":

In 2011, Tech Radar gave this list:
Fiagaro's Password Manager [8/10]
Gpass			[4/10]
Gpassword Manager	[9/10]
Gringotts		[4/10]
KeePassX		[9/10] (KeePassDroid mentioned in LJ 2012)
MyPasswords		[10/10] LNX, OS/X, WIN (Java/SWING)
PasswordSafe		[7/10] Beta vrs tested. Ubuntu 10.04
Revelation		[8/10]

Thanks in Advance.


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