[clug] Reviving the Canberra Python Users Group; suggestions?

Paul C. Leopardi paul.leopardi at anu.edu.au
Thu Mar 14 05:11:28 MDT 2013

Hi all,
Some of my colleagues at the ANU and I are interested in re-starting the 
Canberra PUG. I am open to suggestions as to how to do this. I have copied in 
the CLUG list because the Canberra PUG last met in N101, where CLUG meets, and 
someone on the CLUG list may be able to help with practical matters, like how 
to book a room.

Apologies if you have received this email message twice.
All the best, Paul
Paul Leopardi http://www.maths.anu.edu.au/~leopardi

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