[clug] NBN

Carl Dalkie carldalkie at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 01:57:14 MDT 2013

**As I understand it*, Transact is fibre to the node while NBN is fibre to
home. I also understand that Malcolm Turnbull would downgrade NBN to a
fibre to
the node system should his party win government.

Anyone here on Transact? What kind of bandwidth (speed) do you get?

More or less regardless of the answer, it worries me that the cheaper
will become inadequate for future applications.*

*Cheers ... Duncan.
Hi my 1st post here Hope this is the correct reply method.

In Holder our Tranact VDSL cable runs at about 63mbits, this is ok for a
high gaming and you-tube usage family, I only watch IPTV. and have no

Gaming and IPTV is a huge treat, to the business model of free to air TV,
and Foxtel, who also own Newspapers

They are owned by powerful and conservative people.

My guess is Australia wont get any alternative that will compete with their
current business model.

And when it comes to votes, they only have to fool 51% of the people 100%
of the time, which I guess is easy for them to do.

Sorry for the sad bad news Carl

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