[clug] zfs on linux ... and state of btrfs

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 23:58:25 MDT 2013

On 23 July 2013 15:09, Andrew Steele <fozzy at zipworld.org> wrote:
> Can I expand/hijack this to ask what sre peoples real world experience of
> btrfs?
> I'm currently wrestling with a similar issue of what is the best migration
> path off a home Solaris 11 zfs file server?
> It seems I should go to btrfs but I see too many scary comments about it
> not being production ready. What have been  people's experience? And what
> distro should I pick? As my reading suggests I should use at least about a
> 3.4 kernel, I'm thinking of Fedora 19.

I have been using it on external drives of my home machine (Backup and
media) for a few months now. No reported problems, one was converted
from ext4 which I found a very nice feature.

Be sure to check here for which versions are recommended by the btrfs people.


I've done a few non-scientific "tests" such as pulling the USB cable
while it's reading/writing and then letting fsck.btrfs sort things
out. Again no issues. I'm also using the snapshot feature along with
rsync as a form of backup.

Previously I used dirvish (+rsync) which achieves the same things
albeit via a nest of hardlinks in date ordered folders.

I will say that the ability to mount previous snapshots is pretty nifty.


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