[clug] Calendar server for Debian?

Carlo Hamalainen carlo at carlo-hamalainen.net
Mon Jul 1 06:09:17 MDT 2013

On 01/07/13 19:03, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> One of the web based clients??
> http://wiki.davical.org/w/CalDAV_Clients#Web_Based_Client.28s.29

I got AgenDAV working without too much hassle:


Once I worked out the url for the calendar that AgentDAV had created I 
was able to see it in Thunderbird/Lightning, add events, etc. So that 
works nicely.

> Please post your results.


* DAViCal back-end: http://www.davical.org
* AgenDAV front-end: http://agendav.org
* Thunderbird with Lightning on my laptop.
* Firefox browser on my Android phone to view the AgenDAV front-end.

> I'm keen to remove the Google component but like the
> authentication and (free) SMS features.

I'm doing an experiment to see how I can manage without the "cloud" 
services that everyone uses these days (gmail, dropbox, etc).

So far I have:

* Self-hosted email on my Linode. Thunderbird on my laptop, K-9 Mail on 
my phone. I followed this great guide: http://workaround.org/ispmail/squeeze

* File storage on my Linode, synchronisation using Unison. I've been 
using Unison for quite a few years.

* DAViCal calendar for Thunderbird/Lightning, Android phone.

* cyanogenmod on my Galaxy S3. Still need a gmail address to download 
things from the Play Store, so I've made a separate account for that.

* Amazon S3 for archiving some important files, complementing my USB 
hard drives.


* git-annex/assistant for synchronising files.

* CardDAV (?) for synchronising contact info (email, phone number).

-- Carlo

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