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FYI, first workshop is full already, but we will likely run a second one in
parallel so please let Stephen know if you are interested.

His email address can be found here:

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Hi everyone,


As has been previously mentioned, I (along with Alastair, Chris, Lachlan and
Andreas) will be running a build-your-own-quadcopter workshop at MHV next


The quadcopter will be based on the ArdupilotMega hardware/software platform
(www.diydrones.com). This is the same autopilot used by CanberraUAV in the
2012 Outback UAV Challenge.


Basic details for the quadcopter:

Flight time: ~12 min

Payload: 200g (a greater/lesser payload will alter the 12 min flight time).
Max payload is ~500g

Size: 45x45cm (without propellers), 55x55cm (with propellers)


Basic details for the workshop:

Cost: $500. Non-MHV members will need to pay extra to access the workspace
(probably $50). I will need payment 2 weeks before the workshop.

Time: The workshop will be run over 3 evenings (7pm - 10pm) for construction
and 1 weekend afternoon (1-5pm) for flying. 

Numbers: Due to space constraints at MHV we can only accommodate 10 people
at the workshop. If there is enough demand, we may run a 2nd workshop in

Dates: The construction will be (tentatively) run on the 20/27th of Feb and
6th of March (Wednesdays). Flying will be on the weekend of the 9/10th


At this point, what I need is an accurate idea of numbers for the workshop.
If you are interested, email me before 4th February.


Also - Feel free to distribute this around to any interested people!






Stephen Dade



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