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Mon Jan 14 21:30:26 MST 2013

Hal Ashburner wrote on 15/01/13 2:31 PM:

> Lions Book - Steve did the course as taught by John Lions himself! I'm
> pretty Jealous of that. Can you run the ancient unix on a simulator? SCO
> released the code under a reasonable license before deciding to ruin
> their business telling shocking lies to pump their stock price while the
> board of directors and senior management all dumped their holdings (also
> boosted by buying from the Gates foundation, iirc, which I found
> surprising and disappointing). I wonder if you could port the ancient
> Unix to x86-64 which is obviously the only cpu in meaningful existence,
> then run on qemu or similar. That'd be a good project, I reckon.
> Old Linux? Which version? 0.01 bootable on quemu? 
> What else do you have to choose from?


Thanks for your kind words. I didn't manage to leverage that accident of
history into anything meaningful. Andy Hume, my classmate did. As did
Greg & Chris who were in year[0], I was only year[1];

If you're into old Unix, Warren Toomey has done all the work:
 code and PDP emulators galore at <http://www.tuhs.org/>

Warren, while at ADFA or soon after moving to Bond Uni, was one of the
forces behind getting the owners of Unix to provide first a cheapie
"Heritage" license, then making it free.

Hope this helps.


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